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Have worked with many customers and done plenty of projects. Listed few of them below

Automated Windows Patching 

Applying Windows Critical, Security & Rollouts patches with Reboot

  • Search and download Windows updates

  • Pre and post validation check - Logical drives, services & application related checks

  • Install patches

  • Integrated with ServiceNow

Developed and implemented Hybrid Cloud Management Tool

Managing Aws, Azure and VMware operations from single tool

Reduce License Cost and Manage Multi Accounts for Azure and Multi Subscription for Azure

  • Libcloud is a Python library to handle Multiple cloud

  • Backend developed using Python Libcloud, Boto,Azure RM

  • Front end using Flask, Java & Jquery

  • Deployed with Gunicorn and Nginx

Network & Security Automation using Ansible

Palo Alto Firewall operations through Panorama

  • Rule Creation, Update and delete - Includes Pre and post validations

  • Add/update NAT policy to Panorama

  • Pan OS update

  • Ansible AWX - Integration with ServiceNow


Infoblox - DNS Management

  • Manage DNS Records, Networks and IP Addresses for VMs

  • Automate Deployment of Virtual Infoblox Appliances

  • Pre & Post validation of each record through dig, nslookup & etc


Cisco Switch - IOS Upgrade

  • Pre and Post tasks added

  • IOS upgrade

  • Send Notification


Cisco Switch - Configuration validation before and after site maintenance

  • Ports validation

  • Check the configuration drift &

  • Send Notification

Web Application Penetration Testing

Both Internal and External testing, We provide very detailed report with screen shots

Below are parameters tested using various tools

•Contact Form Testing

•Proxy Server(s) Testing

•Spam Email Filter Testing

•Network Firewall Testing

•Security Vulnerability Testing

•Credential Encryption Testing

•Cookie Testing

•Testing For Open Ports

•Authentication Testing

•Authorization Testing

•Session Management Testing

•Denial of Service Testing

•SQL Injection


•Session Hijacking

•Brute Force

•Directory Traversal

•API Validation

Automating Cisco Jabber Provision in Cisco Voice

CUCM via the AXL SOAP API with Python

Below are the steps in automation tasks

Simplify the CUCM onboarding process for new users and devices Automate on-boarding of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) users and devices using the AXL SOAP configuration API. Python and the Zeep SOAP handling library are used to create a simple script that can be enhanced or integrated with other automation tools.

  • Once new User created in Active Directory, Find location of the user

  • Get the location profile

  • Generate/Get new Din for the location

  • Attach din and profile to user

  • Sync Ladap to update in Active Directory


Other Operations

  • Add/Update/delete DIN Number

  • Add/Update/delete Phone

  • Add/Update/delete Route Groups

  • Other Operations tasks

Azure Automation workflow for patching and update for Windows & Linux

Software updates in Azure Automation Update Management provides a set of tools and resources that can help manage the complex task of tracking and applying software updates to machines in Azure and hybrid cloud. An effective software update management process is necessary to maintain operational efficiency, overcome security issues, and reduce the risks of increased cyber security threats. However, because of the changing nature of technology and the continual appearance of new security threats, effective software update management requires consistent and continual attention.

  • Integrated with service now, Automation Scheduler and Azure Dashboard

  • Customized script for pre and post patching

  • Dynamic updates to Dashboard by automation scripts

  • VM Groups and Schedules deployed

  • Log Analytics workspace consolidated and created seperate workspace for shared Subscription

Gopi Narayanaswamy